Collateral Indicators of Sexual Addictions (referenced from Facing The Shadow by Patrick Carnes, Ph.D.) In addition, there are 20 collateral indicators which assist in the assessment of sexual addiction. A minimum of 6 criteria must be met.
  1. Has severe consequences because of sexual behavior
  2. Meets the criteria for depression and it appears related to sexually acting out
  3. Meets the criteria for depression and it appears related to sexual aversion
  4. Reports history of sexual abuse
  5. Reports history of physical abuse
  6. Reports history of emotional abuse
  7. Describes sexual life in self-medicating terms (intoxicating, tension relief, pain reliever, sleep aid)
  8. Reports persistent pursuit of high-risk or self-destructive behavior
  9. Reports sexual arousal to high-risk or self-destructive behavior is extremely high compared to safe sexual behavior
  10. Meets diagnostic criteria for other addictive disorders
  11. Simultaneously uses sexual behavior in concert with other addictions (gambling, eating disorders, substance abuse, alcoholism, compulsive spending) to the extent that the desired effect is not achieved without sexual activity and/or other addiction(s) present
  12. Has history of deception around sexual behavior
  13. Reports other members of the family are addicts
  14. Expresses extreme self-loathing because of sexual behavior
  15. Has intimate relationships that are not sexual
  16. Is in crisis because of sexual matters
  17. Has history of crisis around sexual behavior
  18. Experiences diminished pleasure for same sexual experiences
  19. Comes form a “rigid” family
  20. Comes from a “disengaged” family

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  1. #17 out of #20… Wow reality just hit me like a Mack Truck. I’ve had an idea for some years now but the last two years it seems as tho I feel in more of a dire straits, urgency and desperation in my quests, no matter the danger or consequence. Yet, I sit here like a spider in it’s web waiting for my next victim. I had no idea my obsession with sexual conquests and captures was so evident in my everyday life. However I can’t even begin to imagine my life without, I can’t even fathom my next hour without my thoughts and actions being consumed by my need to feed sexually…..

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