Here are some tools to help in planning your recovery and preparing you for finding and keeping a healthy relationship with a significant other. These are inventories and self tests to help in moving forward in life without repeating the mistakes of the past. If you know of a planning tool you would like to share please let me know.

Download “Sober Dating Plan”

SOBER-DATING-PLAN.pdf – Downloaded 1386 times – 47.84 KB

Download “Relationship Inventory”

Relationship-Inventory.pdf – Downloaded 2054 times – 51.02 KB

Download “Relationship Circle Plan”

Sample-Circle-Plan-for-Relationship-Recovery.pdf – Downloaded 1898 times – 151.26 KB

Download “Choosing a Worthy Partner and Being a Worthy Partner”

Choosing-a-Worthy-Partner-and-Being-a-Worthy-Partner.pdf – Downloaded 1705 times – 44.97 KB

Download “Are You Ready for a Relationship”

ARE-YOU-READY-FOR-A-RELATIONSHIP-SELF-TEST.pdf – Downloaded 1629 times – 17.91 KB

Download “Addictive Relationships Self”

Addictive-Relationships-Self.pdf – Downloaded 1756 times – 24.58 KB

Download “My Relationship Timeline--The Things I Got Right”

My-Relationship-Timeline.pdf – Downloaded 1677 times – 36.39 KB

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