1. Residential Programs Treating Sexual Addiction, Trauma, Love Addiction and Codependency. Residential or “inpatient” programs are essentially live-in rehabilitation centers for sex addicts of varying lengths from 30 to 90 days.  Typically these programs have a medical evaluation, an individual and group therapy component, lectures and a great deal of “experiential” work, art therapy, family systems and trauma history exercises.  Most programs introduce and encourage participation in a 12-step program.  Family participation is involved in various ways including a “family week” for most programs.  Cost: $15,000 – $35,000 and up depending on the program and length of stay.  Some programs have a few “sliding scale” slots available.

Center for Sexual Recovery at The Ranch: www.promises.com

Del Amo Behavioral Health: www.delamohospital.com

Keystone Center: www.keystonecenter.net

Life Healing Center: www.life-healing.com

The Meadows: www.themeadows.org

Pine Grove Treatment Center: www.pinegrovetreatment.com

The Refuge: www.therefuge-ahealingplace.com

Sante Center for Healing: www.santecenter.com


2. Intensive Outpatient Programs for Sex Addiction

Intensive Outpatient programs are all-day lecture and participatory sessions combined with daily therapy.  These programs vary in length from one to two weeks.  Some of these are geared to those new in recovery and emphasize “jump-starting” treatment and others are specialized to address issues following residential treatment, e.g. couples’ intensives. Cost: $3,000 to $7,000 (approx) depending on the program and length of treatment.

Center for Healthy Sex (Los Angeles): www.thecenterforhealthysex.com

Psychological Counseling Services (Scottsdale AZ): www.pcsearle.com

Blue Tiger Recovery (Palm Springs CA): http://www.bluetigerrecovery.com/

Foundry Clinical Group (Los Angeles):  www.foundryclinicalgroup.com

The Ranch (Nunnelly, TN): http://www.recoveryranch.com


3. Outpatient Therapy: Therapist Locator

Outpatient therapy is just that, therapy with a Psychologist, Social Worker, Marriage and Family Therapist or other Counselor qualified to treat sex addiction.  Most often the clinics providing the Intensive Outpatient Programs also provide regular outpatient individual and group therapy with qualified therapists or interns.  In some communities there are no clinics but are therapists certified in the treatment of sex addiction.  These can be found using the Therapist Locator links listed below.  Cost: normal range for therapy.

Society for the Advancement of Sexual Health: www.sash.net

Int’l Institute of Trauma and Addiction Professionals: www.sexualaddictiontherpists.com

SexHelp.com: www.sexhelp.com





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